AWFUL MODS: Don't buy plugs at Spencer's Gifts


Recently I purchased 3 pairs of single-flared steel tunnels in 1 1/8” , 1 3/16” , and 1 1/4” from Spencer’s Gifts. I usually don’t but I just needed some steel tunnels. I’ll remind you that I spent a total of $75.00 (about) on these 3 pairs. When I got home I opened them so I could put them away…


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    Agreed. Bought a set of steel tapers (for flared jewelry insertion purposes not stretching) in 6g,4g and 2g. The sizes...
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    Their jewelry is shit, I agree. I’ve only ever bought one pair of glass spirals from them - blew out my ears. They were...
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    75$ on 3 pairs? I think he doesn’t know how to spell Hot Topic
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    that and the jewelry I bought from there for my lip piercing CHIPPED and irritated it so badly I had to go to the...
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    I currently work at Spencer’s and although our policy is that we do not accept returns on body jewelry, if you go in and...
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    I worked at a Spencer’s. Yes we have alot of problems with our jewelry, there often mislabeled as the wrong size. But...
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    Shit happens to me all the time, they get their 0’s and their 00’s mixed up.
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    it’s the individual human making the mistake and not the entire branch of stores
  16. kollisch said: word. i ALWAYS get incorrectly sized plugs at spencers. Whenever I shop there (very infrequently) I do better by actually estimating the size of the plugs by eye than by going by the label.
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